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Carole MacKintosh

Individual face to face session, Couples face to face session, Supervision session, Supervision Skype Session, Individual telephone session, Supervision session - students, Supervision Skype Session - students

With many years’ experience in counselling, counselling supervision and teaching, Carole is a warm and empathic counsellor very able to support clients with the traumas and challenges that life can bring. She works in an intuitive way and approaches issues with a straightforward manner, and with integrity and compassion. She is passionate about the life changing qualities of the counselling process.

Jamie McDonald

Individual face to face session

Based in Fort William, Jamie is a welcome member to the expanding Scottish Counselling Services team. She has a flexible approach to working as she knows that juggling work life balance is a challenge for us all. Jamie has a very gently way of being and engages very quickly with people.

Lesley Robinson

Individual face to face session

As a new resident to the Highlands, Lesley brings with her much experience of working within an NHS environment and has enjoyed transferring her skills from the public sector working environment to that of Scottish Counselling Services. Lesley has a natural warmth about her and seems to connect very easily with all she meets.

Mandie Smith

Individual face to face sessions

Mandie is a person-centred therapist who trained in the highlands and who has lived in the area most of her life. She is a warm and engaging counsellor and has the ability to create an environment where people can engage connect quickly in the counselling process. She is able to ensure that a comforting, safe space is created in order to start exploring and unravelling presenting issues. Mandy has a calming presence and is very able to put clients at ease.

Harriet Inglis

Individual face to face sessions

Harriet is the newest team member at Scottish Counselling Services and like all our team has a strong ability to put clients at ease very quickly. She is an Person-centred counsellor and is committed to providing an effective counselling service. She is passionate about her work and coming from a nursing background has a secure knowledge and understanding of the importance of emotional health and wellbeing.

Patricia Nunn

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT

Patricia is an experienced counsellor having qualified in 1999 and offers solution focused cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Patricia has a wide and varied skills set and has much experience within the counselling profession. She is a extremely focused and engaging with everyone she meets.

Yvonne Blainey

Individual face to face session

Yvonne is based in Oban and has joined the team having qualified in 2016. She is extremely interested in the transformative nature of counselling and how this can be truly life changing for clients. She is a very keen learner and likes to be challenged in all aspects of life.