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Scottish Counselling Services Header

How long do sessions last?
Sessions usually last between 50-60 minutes.

Where are you based?
We are based at 1st floor, 62 Academy Street, Inverness IV1 1LP. Our entrance door is about half way down and above Your Move (Estate Agents).

Are sessions confidential?
Yes sessions are confidential and you can read what this means in full on the and web pages.

Do you have a code of ethics with which you work with?
Yes at SCS all our counsellors work to a code of ethics from their governing body, usually BACP or COSCA but there are other affiliations that counsellors can belong to. Please feel free to ask.

Are you a member of a governing body?
Yes it is the same as the above.

Who will know that I am attending for counselling?
You and your counsellor, and if referred by your employers then usually your line manager.;

Do you offer telephone counselling? Yes.

Do you offer counselling via Skype?
Not yet but are planning to set up this service very soon – please ask!

How often do I attend appointments?
You decide along with your counsellor how often and how many sessions you attend.

Do you offer early morning/evening/weekend appointments?
Yes we do – please request these and we shall try very hard to accommodate you.

Can I take someone with me?
Yes you can take someone with you to the office, however counselling is on a one to one basis (unless it is couple counselling).

Can I leave my mobile phone on during sessions?
Yes of course you can have your phone with you during a session. We encourage no interruptions during your appointment time but understand that sometimes we need to be able to be easily reached.

Do you write reports?
No we don’t write reports, however if you wished something to be written your counsellor would be happy to discuss and agree this with you and discuss the reasons and requirements for it.

What records do you keep?
We keep your contact details and if appropriate the name of your referrer for around 6 months after sessions are completed and then these are erased.